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Time entries and exits. Stay in trades. Maximize profits.

OrderFly is made for those who want to ride a move in the markets

What makes OrderFly unique?

OrderFly echoes Momentum when it begins to change, from inside a price & volume monitoring tool for retail traders!

  • Relevant volume
  • Absorption volume
  • Easy to assess in real time
  • Derived from the Order Book

Designed for discretionary traders.
For better response

OrderFly made finding momentum easier. Traders can go with available presets for
volume settings. All the settings can be fine tuned as market conditions change.

Real-time price & volume monitoring

OrderFly is built to monitor every tick of data, every trade… So it’s seeing it all happen. It tracks volume as it flows into prices, and then assesses and signals momentum events without delay.

Tune into trade execution & management

No-one wants trading tools that bog them down. OrderFly does the work of assessing momentum so you can spend precious moments absorbing other important cues before pushing the button. Save your mind’s cycles with automated sounds and focus your energy on those cues.

Work on ‘too early’, ‘too often’ & ‘too tight’

Working on the timing of trade entries & exits can improve trading results, and help sustain a healthy mindset. OrderFly is an efficiency tool designed to increase your chances of finding the next good prices.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about OrderFly? Here are some of the most common questions we receive. If your question is not listed here, check out our documentation, or contact us.

OrderFly is a tool derived from the Order Book, that monitors volume as it flows into prices. OrderFly works with the E-mini S&P, other Futures, Forex, CryptoCurrencies. With it, you can listen to the flow of Volume & Price moving together, and of Correlated markets moving in unison.

Not all price movements are relevant to a trade opportunity. Not all volume (Time and Sales) has a cogent purpose. Use OrderFly to help you distinguish both.

Small or big, scalper or swing trader, day trader or position trader.. Any type of trader can use OrderFly to help improve trade execution and management. OrderFly is super easy to set up with presets to cover the bases, and fine tuning settings to zero in on specific markets. In a short time, you can deploy this tool to your methodology to help assess potential opportunities to enter or exit the markets you trade.

No, you don’t need any specific training to use OrderFly. You can install and set up OrderFly, and it will monitor the Order Book so you don’t have to focus 100% (or any) of your attention on it.

If you use the NinjaTrader 8 platform, you will use our Knowledge Base as a guide through OrderFly installation and setup.

If you use another trading platform, let us know which one, and then consider that OrderFly works with all versions of Ninjatrader 8(including the free one), enabling you to use it on Cryptocurrencies, Futures, Forex that you trade elsewhere. You can learn more about Ninjatrader 8 here. Our Knowledge Base also has guides to help you get set up with NinjaTrader 8, including the free version.

Yes! OrderFly will work with any NinjaTrader 8 license, including the free one.

OrderFly works with Futures, Forex, CryptoCurrencies. You can use OrderFly on any chart and symbol that has price and volume.